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The title of my talk is Visionary Thinking or The Subconscious Aspects of Business. What makes this presentation unique is that it is a blend of education and entertainment in a business format.


The first half of the talk I teach three hands-on transferable techniques for goal setting. The first one being, how to get you goals down on a cd so that through spaced repetition they can be ingrained onto the subconscious mind. The second is a reward and punishment technique that allows business professionals to experience the benefits of achieving their goals or not. The third technique is visualization which I believe all top achievers are using to acquire their success. In fact what they are all doing is using self-hypnosis even though they may call it by another name, dreaming or visualizing.


This transitions into the second half or the meeting where I demonstrate the use of self-hypnosis. This will increase professional performance and help attendees achieve their visions and future career aspirations. With the use of members of the audience as teaching tools, I demonstrate a series of hypnotic phenomenons that will relate to actual everyday business events within the work place. For example; creating a situation where they can’t see their shoe which they are holding in their hand in plain view or being stuck to their chair with an invisible glue. These events can relate to coming into the office and not seeing the phone because they don’t like making calls and secondly remaining fixed to their office chair instead of going out on sales appointments.


This makes the perfect blend of education and entertainment that makes a refreshing break in any series of meetings that use the usual PowerPoint presentations, which truly do put the audience to sleep.


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