Mike Mesmer “Eyes”

earned his reputation as “The Worlds Most Powerful Hypnotist” through his amazing ability to hypnotize even the most skeptical of clients. For the past twenty five years Mike has been entertaining and educating companies such as Goldman Sacs, Sony, IBM and many more with his hilarious hypnotic review show or his incredible business seminar. This multi talented entertainer can customize a unique program to suit your company’s needs.

The Mike Mesmer “Eyes” Hypnotic Review is a fast-paced, exciting and hilarious show which involves the audience in several ingenious and creative activities. Audience reaction to this Las Vegas-styled sensational show is overwhelming and non-stop, with screams of laughter during the show to standing ovations following his unbelievable finale.

Now you can book this show for your corporate event, fund-raisers, college or comedy club. It’s an unforgettable experience that is sure to be the highlight of any event.

Mike Mesmer “Eyes” is equally impressive as a professional speaker and has conducted his specialized seminars for numerous Fortune 500 companies with tremendous productivity results. His business knowledge has allowed him to develop a unique seminar teaching sales people how to tap into the subconscious aspects of business, allowing them to release their full potential.